not really understanding how you can accidentally send your clients entire phone record to the prosecution

@dankwraith right?

but if you did, you'd probably like, get on that right away, huh

@dankwraith i really hope it's like a Dropbox link he meant to send to his intern with a line like "make sure the prosecution doesn't see this!!" but accidentally sent to the prosecution instead

@dankwraith I'm on team "it was an intentional act of self-sabotage," just because I can't fathom doing this on accident

@jacethechicken @dankwraith I imagine trying to work with Alex Jones on basically anything is just… the most fucked up infuriating experience, so I’d bet they did it on purpose

@photophoregirl @jacethechicken @dankwraith how does this work for lawyers, is quitting not an option, being fired for incompetence looks better if you just can't stand the client?

@unlofl @photophoregirl @dankwraith oh i think its more than that - i think they're actively trying to sink alex jones, and willing to destroy their own careers to do it

@dankwraith I guess even lawyers have a small crumb of soul

@dankwraith apparently this is lawyer number eleven after the previous ten lawyers all quit on learning the facts of the case, which imo goes a long way toward explaining how he could possibly be that incompetent

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