i recently learned that researchers have literally no idea what causes type 2 diabetes and there are no causal links between sugar intake or weight gain for it. which makes the way people treat it as a self inflicted ailment incredibly fucked up

@dankwraith The thing that was impressed upon us again and again when we went through premed was that all that shit about your personal choices has like, the dinkiest effect on your actual health outcomes. You know what has the biggest effect out of anything? Class above all, followed extremely closely by race, gender, your position in society generally. This, far and away above personal choices impacts health.

@Colophonscrawl i don't know how anyone can take public health classes and not instantly turn into che guevara

@dankwraith I came out of it a radlib, it was working that finally tipped me over fully, now it would just be a no-duh

@dankwraith haha i wonder who's frantic meltdowns on their alt could have inspired this observation *whistles and walks away*

@georgespolitzer @dankwraith it’s “everyone gets real mad on Rico’s behalf” day

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