you can't say that worrying about people getting paid is a "capitalist concern" and then in the next breath say that regular jobs are for getting paid and open source contributions are for contributing to the commons. that's completely incoherent


capitalism survives by stealing from the commons and privatizing the benefits. THATS LITERALLY ALL IT DOES.

you can't fix this by growing the commons! you're just giving the vampire more blood to suck!

@dankwraith getting paid is a working class concern, and Capitalists stealing unpaid labor to profit off of is a working class concern, and the Commons is good but you have to defend the Commons by force or Capitalists will devour it.

Open Source is cool and I like it, but it's also rife with libertarian attitudes, and if we want it to be the Commons it needs to be protected, not given an MIT do whatever the fuck you want license.

@dankwraith I contribute to OpenStreetMap and the other day I noticed that Google had uploaded all my edits locally and put them in their own map with no credit. Because I made the mistake of checking "Public Domain" when I made my account.

@lesbianhacker i spend an unholy amount of time contributing to open source because i believe it's the right way, but i also know that i am getting completely fucked when i do it. it's a shit sandwich of a situation until we have actual fucking labor power

@dankwraith early 2000s anarchists constantly egging each other on to expand the commons and then getting swindled out of the communities that they built: What the?

@dankwraith i hated that thread lol. "we shouldn't look at open source as labor" you are using your human effort to render the existing resources (hardware and software) into a new configuration that fulfills a useful function. this is like. textbook definition of what labor is. just because you're volunteering doesn't make it not labor

@dankwraith "simply grow the commons instead" sounds cool to me! please don't tell me what enclosure means.

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