its always really funny to me when people act like the lord of the rings was not influenced by tolkien's experiences living through WWI just because tolkien denied it was an allegory. it would be like if i wrote a novel where the backdrop was an entire profession gradually becoming overtaken by charlatans and frauds and people said it had nothing to do with my experiences as a programmer


like one of the main point-of-view characters in LOTR is a character who is forced by circumstances far beyond his control to fight battles in foreign lands and returns to his homeland to find it changed and the experience disillusions him forever. come on man.

@dankwraith also he, the weird academically inclined nerd, only survives his journey through an ashen fire-blasted wasteland where the air itself is poison thanks to a stout member of the rural peasantry who was drafted into this shitty fight but is moderately better equipped to handle it

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