me: what if i optimized by drawing front to back using a depth buffer

game maker: lol you cant specify depth on sprite draw calls


time to write my own sprite batcher i guess lol

@dankwraith How long till you reach the point where, in hindsight, it would've been faster to rip out Game Maker and do it all from scratch?

@pilum hard to say, there's just so much damn behavior code in this game it would be a huge chore to reimplement everything, but we do lose a lot of time to GM bugs

@dankwraith wait sorry to be annoying but i JUST learned about the depth buffer & depth sort algorithms. how does game maker do it

@principito like, as far as i can tell the depth buffer is there and depth testing can be enabled or disabled but there is no way using sprite draws to actually manipulate it in a useful way, you have to build your own vertex buffers

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