i think the important perspective to keep is the idea that human society should be organized to take care of peoples needs regardless of who they are. any time you start talking about which groups of people are more "deserving" youre marching to the tune of reactionaries

all this signaling about who is a "real worker" is just horseshit, everyones job is bullshit in this society because your job only exists to make money for people who pay you

@dankwraith i read a thing a while back about how communist china basically reeducated the last emperor and he ended up living a normal everyday life afterwards and even writing a memoir about it and it was really interesting

@dankwraith deserving is one of the fakest ideas in the history of fake ideas

@dankwraith people on twitter spend so much of their time trying to decide based on like the angle of the moon and the sun whether someone makes too much money and is now "a rich person" instead of being a worker and i just want to scream IT IS ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION YOU FOOL.

@prophet_goddess @dankwraith sometimes I feel this embarrassment, but I remember that my money doesn't make itself

@dankwraith but what if it helps your enemies. what if, in the course of defending Our Shit from Those Fuckers, the operative term is the fuckers rather than the shit. what if nothing is more important than hate

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