you almost have to respect the audacity of a 20 something computer guy who thinks he can make significant contributions to chess programs, one of the oldest and most widely studied games in the history of computer science, in a month

i really hope one day we can dispel the myth of computer touching being an absurdly big brain activity so people dont develop a genius complex after learning their first python script

@dankwraith imagine how much better of an article it would have been if he said "i'm curious what kind of struggles there are trying to teach a computer to play chess, so i'm going to take a relatively naive stab at it and document my hardships"

@monorail @dankwraith I'm hoping to do the same with mahjong ai, honestly, but I know for sure my decades of copy pasting from stack overflow doesn't mean shit

@dankwraith i got a php form on my website to work and i rode that high for a week

@saladmonster @dankwraith it should be understood as a harmful addiction and regulated like gambling

@dankwraith github copilot is going to make this kind of thing so much worse too. people typing random english phrases into a computer, seeing code come out and thinking they're an expert now when they might as well have just been using

@dankwraith 20-something computer guys contain over 90% of the DOE's strategic audacity reserve

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