can't believe small business owners have the balls to say that they can't hire because people had it too easy this past year. vro you are lucky we are not covering you in tar and throwing you in the ocean

you can tell that small business owners have never had it rough because they think that people don't come into work if they are just feeling kind of lazy

i stg welfare could be like one bowl of rice a week and small business owners would ask the government to cut it if they were having hiring problems. fucking protestant work ethic ass bullshit


Minimum wage could be having a tooth ripped out and suckling the blood from the hole and it would still be considered too much.

@dankwraith (as if that weren't a symptom of a greater problem in the first place)

@dankwraith I've been on record for a while saying we should bring tarring back. Is it fatal? Well, we'll find out

@InternetEh @dankwraith I think, generally speaking, it was applied when it was really hot, so it's going to give you severe burns over a large part of your body.

@InternetEh @dankwraith people would survive, but I don't think the survival rate was 100%

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