the epic v google lawsuit has revealed that google pays a 25% cut of their app store fees to telecoms in exchange for them not developing their own app stores. normal economy

so yeah the reason they push back so hard on people subverting app store fees is because the rent seeker gravy train gets cut off for everyone. cool

capitalism is a system that encourages healthy economic competition *the major players in an industry form a cartel for the 300th time* what the!!

remember when it was found that all the major software companies were colluding to not hire each other's workers to keep wages down

@dankwraith This is the kind of shit that drives a mfer to foss

@dankwraith they used to be national in most of Europe, and it was kinda meh, and then they were privatised and we got competition, and it got better, and then all the competition bought each other up, and it went downhill pretty QuickTime

but the *original telecom* is usually still the main carrier, and blocker (delayer) to any service provided by the competition, or any improvements to the network

@dankwraith iirc they were also offering some share of search revenue and app store revenue from devices to manufacturers to not install any other store

@dankwraith so like do I just need to register a telecom company to start getting Google money or...?

@dankwraith at my last company we ran some pilot versions of some apps in southeast asia 1. because the users were cheaper but 2. because if we could secure a deal over there, we'd be developing apps specifically for the telecom companies for them to ship on all of their phones. We think we know what this is like because of Samsung or whoever shipping their "flavor" of Android with some utilities but we're talking about like, streaming services and shit baked into the phone.

I'm kinda shocked that giving away 25% in perpetuity is apparently cheaper than having alternative app stores for customers.

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