we put a lot of mechanical depth into this game. for example if you sword clash, the person who throws out the sword last doesn't get bounced, and if they throw out the sword at the same frame they both get bounced. i would be really stoked if competitive dorks started to notice this stuff


basically this is one of the ways we punish hyper aggro and button mashing vs patience

i hope this game can shake the stigma of just being a silly brainless party brawler, beau put tons and tons of care into the mechanics and i think it shows when you play it

@dankwraith i am going to enjoy playing this game until @catalina figures all this stuff out and becomes way better than me

@dankwraith it is pretty fun as a silly brainless party brawler though and I think that's important

@dankwraith i haven't gotten a chance to play against anyone yet! looking forward to it

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