it's crazy to me how bad the timing loops in major engines are. a lot of games have 6 frames of input delay these days. how do you fuck shit up that bad

modern computers: 8 cores clocked at 3+ GHz

also modern computers: oh god someone pressed a button uhhhhh *100 milliseconds go by* ok! ok! we figured it out

game maker has like 3 frames of input delay, it fucks me up that i cant do shit about that lol


increasingly i feel like modern software is so bad because too many people are working on it. if i'm one guy working on a game engine and i have a 6 frame input delay, i'm gonna fucking fix that. on a project with 500 engineers on it? who cares? there's no overarching designer perspective. too many cooks spoil the broth and all that

@dankwraith performance is one of those "non-functional requirements" that run the risk of being cut in favor of churning out more features under undisciplined product management

that's why I say: they call 'em non-functional requirements because without them, your program doesn't function

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