so much fantasy reads like a pale imitation because lord of the rings was the decades long nerd side project of a massive mythology dork who could read several dead languages and was single handedly responsible for renewed scholarly readings of myths like beowulf. similarly i think leguin succeeded at writing fantasy because of her well developed feminist/anarchist perspective. you need to have interests outside of "i think elves and dragons are cool"

this is why i urge budding game designers to have interests outside of playing video games. otherwise all your ideas are just going to be recycled versions of shit other people already did better and with a wider perspective (on the other side of this coin, you also need to respect the history of the medium or you will just produce unplayable garbage)

@dankwraith you're right and you should say it thank u monarch

@dankwraith now I wonder what you'd think of my (admittedly very short) writings

@dankwraith Yeah as it turns out fantasy works like sci-fi in that it works best when you're using it to Explore An Idea

fantasy works best when it's a bunch of magical characters who I think are cool and would be my friend

@dankwraith oh, i got it! ! i should be original.

ok, how about : 'i think samurai are even cooler than dragons'

@dankwraith also if your only interest outside of video games is hollywood movies that's bad too

@dankwraith Couldn't agree more. My own painfully drawn-out game dev project only reached fruition because I had other interests and hobbies to sustain me between fallow periods.

@dankwraith I only read Le Guin's SF but honestly her dad anthropologist just sticks out of everything and I LOVE it

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