no games aesthetic has aged more rapidly than the rocksteady batman games

people say dark souls was the most influential game of the decade. absolutely false. literally every AAA production has been influenced by batman: arkham asylum in some way

@dankwraith it sucks so bad that thats just... how combat worked in video games for the better part of a decade

@dankwraith also i feel the need to defend my pet theory that since this past decade was defined by dark souls, the coming decade will be defined by a cloying aesthetic of wholesomeness opposed to dark souls as soon as a AAA wholesome game moves a million units, which should happen some time in 2022

@dankwraith we're gonna get expelled from video games for being unwholesome

@prophet_goddess get off my nuts hidetaka! you will forever live in the shadow of da freaking joker

@dankwraith blowing my load at the concept of not needing good environmental design because i can just put Detective Mode in every game now

@dankwraith forced perspective!? that's for PUSSIES who don't have SIX MILLION DOLLAR ART TEAMS. make the interactable objects pop?? oh i'll make em POP!! with a BIG ASS YELLOW GLOW

@dankwraith idk nobodys called out the recent spiderman games for being mostly the same thing outside of more fun traveling thru the open world. i think it has a few more runs of a fresh coat of paint being slapped on it cuz of that

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