we are officially in the backlash part of the fromsoft dark fantasy hype cycle. more for me i guess

i'm not even gonna watch the trailer, i buy fromsoft games day 1 because miyazaki has earned my trust

I havent pre-ordered a game in like a decade, but buddy...

@dankwraith i was SURE that this time the hate would overwhelm the hype but even the hate i saw was from people excited for it

@prophet_goddess i saw a lot of grumpy opinions but i honestly dont care

@dankwraith i was the grumpiest person on my TL because i was complaining that i have zero desire to ever see a gothic arch ever again and i want fromsoft to make another mecha game

@dankwraith i'll still play elden ring if i can get it cheap in the future but i will certainly not go out of my way for it. i still have to finish sekiro

@prophet_goddess fromsoft could make a game where all you do is stare at gothic arches and they would probably find a way to make it amazing

@dankwraith the other thing is that after dark souls 2 and 3 i have a lot less goodwill for the dark fantasy mind of hidetaka miyazaki than you do

@prophet_goddess 3 is one of the best games ever, the haters can smdftb

@prophet_goddess if by boring you mean a tight action game with gorgeous and fantastic level design, sure

@dankwraith if by gorgeous and fantastic level design you mean BROWN EVERYWHERE then sure

@dankwraith like honestly the level design and mechanics were great, exactly what i'd expect from a souls game, and that is exactly the problem: why would i play a game that plays exactly like dark souls but a little shinier when the same studio has also made new and exciting things like bloodborne and sekiro

@prophet_goddess this is just an embarrassment of riches situation, the nameless king fight taken by itself without any of the rest of the game is still better than 95% of the video games i have ever played

@dankwraith yeah i mean dark souls 3 is still better than most video games but... that was not enough for me to be interested in finishing it

@dankwraith turns out "better than most video games" is a supremely low bar

@dankwraith but yeah i mean i would totally have liked dark souls 3 if i wasn't so completely burned out on the setting of those games. give! me! chromehounds! 2!!!

@prophet_goddess 1) to me this is like complaining that the 3 michelin star italian chef you live with made pasta again and 2) fromsoft has been doing grimy dark fantasy since literally before you were born and they will probably be doing it after we are both dead

@prophet_goddess THAT SAID i would play the shit out of a fromsoft mech game obviously

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