every time a left winger gets elected in south america americans write patronizing chauvinistic articles about how people are voting against their own interests until their fingers bleed. lol

silly peruvians, they should be more like california and vote to *checks notes* abolish labor protections for gig workers

@dankwraith reuters ran an article the other day titled 'Analysis: Peru markets and miners fear Castillo', and the only two 'miners' quoted were the CEO of a mining company and an analyst at a mining consultancy firm. meanwhile 90% of actual miners voted for castillo..........

@dankwraith what do they write when an elected South American government is toppled by the CIA?

(Americans, watching the stock market rise as the just and rightful payment for whichever decadent unneccessary public service both parties promised to axe in the last election: "this must be what wellbeing feels like, I'm so glad I live in a place where I have a say in governyance"

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