someone referred to the "year of unprocessed grief" and it really struck me because it's not like i'm unhappy to be getting to do things like go to the gym again but i feel fucking weird about it because there is this desperate attempt to refuse acknowledgment of how shit this past year was. get back to economic productivity, money producing organism. it's fucking dehumanizing is what it is

i lost so much in the past 16 months or so, family members died, relationships strained, losing touch with friends, career got derailed, my partner's career got derailed, there was so much confusion and pain and a bunch of people yammering about "getting back to normal" doesnt change that

i will never forget for as long as i live that every level of american society left us to fend for ourselves in the midst of a completely preventable and manageable crisis

@dankwraith people are like intentionally trying to forget it happened and its fucking wild becaue shit was legitimately traumatic

@whalefall @dankwraith being able to forget it is a privilege and sometimes it feels like people are flaunting that. That's only gonna get worse I think

@whalefall @dankwraith a loottttt of americans' trauma coping mechanism is denial and drowning in dissociation (by which i mean alcohol/weed/drugs/videogames/etc)

@whalefall @dankwraith gonna be a lot more difficult once millions of evictions start back up

@dankwraith the only silver lining I can think of is how they're having a hard time filling minimum wage jobs. Beginning of a labor movement? Only took 600,000 American lives! 🙄

@dankwraith there is no normal to go back to, we need to be clear about that.


it's like we're supposed to pretend we did not learn a thing about the frailty and interconnectedness of being alive

and just go back to making more money for the (already) very wealthy ...

also, pandemic only supports the idea that humans (and their civilizations) must evolve or they will perish


@dankwraith it does seem like instead of collective grief we had as a society like, say, post 9-11 people are just like 'so how did you enjoy this past year of getting to spend uninterrupted time with your families and not having to commute and catching up on Netflix? 😎

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