made the mistake of reading a vox article about the effectiveness of covid lockdown measures and other restrictions


basically the takeaway is that most state measures did very little to combat the spread of the virus, but mostly because they weren't actually very restrictive and also a huge subset of the population was noncompliant anyway. big surprise

> “The pandemic would have sustained itself no matter what,” Adalja said. “This is a highly transmissible respiratory virus. It’s not something that could be eradicated or eliminated.”

this is why liberals infuriate me, this quote is objectively true, but also misleading. the point of public health measures isn't to eradicate the virus but to make its spread manageable and many nations succeeded at this. but that requires a political system that is equipped to deal with crises beyond "some rich people made less money than last year"

me experiencing my 17th generation-defining crisis of my lifetime: surely this will be the time the US learns from its mistakes *the US learns nothing* ah, nevertheless,

@dankwraith whatever few merits liberalism used to have, it has long since devolved into "how to not wield any power and take no responsibility"

@dankwraith honestly not sure whether this or conservatives' ignoring the noncompliance and acting like these measures simply don't work is more annoying. it feels like the liberals should know better.

@dankwraith they react to the virus the same way they reacted to Trump. This was always gonna happen and is in no way directly our fault for not doing enough.

@dankwraith @pinkosock it's not even objectively true, many places have eradicated the virus - multiple times in fact

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