is it worth playing hyrule warriors 1 or is the sequel the way to go

@dankwraith personally i feel like hyrule warriors 1 had more and better content than what is in the sequel

@dankwraith the first is a GRIND fest. and much more traditional gameplay. But is interesting and fun

and it is a crossover of ALLLLL the games before breath of the wild.

the sequel is BOTW only and very unique gameplay.

@dankwraith that depends on what you're looking for. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is an enormous game full of shit to do, but it's basically similar to Dynasty Warriors in most respects. it has some systems that don't work very well. fighting giant bosses is kind of annoying

Age of Calamity is a much more polished experience overall - all the extra systems actually function and the one-on-one combat is best-in-series - but the missions are less interesting because they focus so much on duels

@dankwraith another thing to consider is: do you prefer fanservice based on Breath of the Wild specifically, or based on every Zelda game except for Breath of the Wild

@dankwraith my suggestion to you is to enter the hyperbolic time chamber with both games

@dankwraith between the two, Age of Calamity is definitely the "better" game, but when the dust settles I'll probably have played HWDE for about triple the number of hours

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