i'm opinionated about programming languages because i'm making judgments about the quality of the tools i need to use every day and what purpose they are suited for, not because i am trying to get one over on someone. shitting on something just because it uses java or whatever is meaningless, what's the use case? i get mad when i have to use a flathead screwdriver on a philips screw, if that makes sense. i've seen a million language fads come and go, most of it is just plain fanboyism

if you want to make shit in game maker and it works for you, i am happy for you, i have walked very far down that road and i can tell you exactly how many times and why it failed for me and how many months of labor i wasted, but my use case is probably just different from yours

i see so many redditoid armchair quarterback game devs comment on a games choices of tools or languages as if they would know an object pool from a hole in the ground, go fuck yourself lol


anyway i just want to make it clear that when i take a big old shit on something i am doing so from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND FRUSTRATION and literally nothing else, you can do whatever you want you don't have to listen to my stupid ass

i think i finally figured out why it grinds my gears when i see people who dont know shit about fuck make snap judgments about someone else's project based on what they decided to make it with: *i* shipped 4 different games to 5 different platforms with this tool, *i* earned the right to take a dump on this crap pile of an engine, *you* didnt

and like, it doesnt even really affect the quality of the final product! people make great shit with horrible tools all the time! my frustration comes from the fact that i had to stare this dogshit compiler in the face every morning while it spent 45 minutes rebuilding the project after a one line change. you didnt earn that

@dankwraith the biggest moment of revelation to me about how dogshit code can still make great games is any time Toby Fox has talked about his undertale project in gamemaker

the fact that its code is a spaghetti nightmare has literally zero bearing in how good the game is

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet hyper light drifter is a game beloved by many and yet every time i gaze upon the code its like a scene from hellraiser

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet bad code quality and tools affects the *process of creating the game*, not playing it, which is why i think people who arent devs have zero room to comment on shit like that

@dankwraith @RussellsBarbershopQuartet i think you can sometimes make a connection between a bug in a game you're playing and the tool used to make it, but only with experience in that tool (or a similar one).

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