those shocked articles about how millennials aren't turning conservative as they age are so funny. like what did you think was gonna happen. oh i can't afford a house and will never retire. my city is turning into a slum from lack of effective public services. my shitty health insurance costs 3000 dollars a year out of pocket. capitalism rocks. i love ronald reagan now

@dankwraith “if you're not a liberal when you're twenty five, you have no heart. if you're not a conservative when you're sixty five, you have probably been killed by the material effects of deliberate systemic oppression”

yeah i am pretty sure that's how the saying goes

@binchicken @dankwraith I'm pretty sure that's literally how the stats work when researchers looked into it. It's not that people get conservative as they get older, those people just have more money, better access to healthcare, etc. so they're the ones who don't die.

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