most of the worlds problems could be solved by banning men from ever touching a computer

when women dominated computer programming we got compiler research and moon landing software running on 4MB of memory

when men dominated computer programming we got two dot com bubbles, mass scale invasion of privacy and "software engineers" producing 3 million lines of completely bogus garbage code per day to the point that you need a supercomputer to run a chat program

@dankwraith stem would be so much better if we banned cis men for a period of time from it

@dankwraith Its still like that, programs in which a lot of women are involved run much better compared to where that isn't the case (compare open source FPGA toolchain to closed source version)

@x44203 that is unsurprising because women tend to understand the importance of communication and empathy which are vastly more important to a well functioning software project than individuals with super genious brains or whatever

@dankwraith I think in this case the people have both and are principled

@dankwraith Actually I think one of the most important parts is getting rid of people which make your organization / software project unappealing / who mistreat other people (especially groups of people which are less privileged under the current system).

For example recently there was a case of an a-hat owning a rather involved company in the open source FPGA scene and people who worked there came out with how they were mistreated by him and that he is a big racist and basically within days all the good people (good as in were good personally and could actually do the programming) left the company (who were still left there) and supported the individual which was hurt the most by that asshat in winning a lawsuit against him (because otherwise that asshat made some kind of contract that would forbid her from making any FPGA related stuff in the future but that was illegal, so the legal costs did get crowdsources within a few hours / days).

Now that company is a bunch of incompetent people who nobody wants to be around and all the people who know the stuff and are generally good people reformed into new structures.

@dankwraith I understand your point but that's a pretty hurtful blanket statement

@xorowl damb did i time travel to 2013 or am i really getting shamed for making a blanket negative statement about men

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