i am playing pathologic 2. so far i have made friends with some street urchins, saved a guys life by surgically removing a knife stuck in his abdomen, and gotten curbstomped by some random people because a rumor suspected me of my fathers murder

some observations so far: this is a game clearly interested in divisions and existing between them. the regions of the city are named after cuts of meat. your character half-belongs to an ethnic subgroup and has complicated feelings about it. your character is a surgeon, a profession which rescues people from the edge of death. your character is seemingly able to converse with spirits and the judges of the dead

whoever wrote this game was on some shit, i don't think i've played anything that showed such cohesive themes this early on

all i ever heard about this game was how bizarre and incomprehensible it is but i find the dream-logic of the game allows it to be extremely direct if that makes any sense. there are a lot of theatrical stage-play metaphors in pathologic 2 and the way the introduction skips through time reminds me a lot of how a play is able to skip through time without it being disjointing to the audience. metafictional characters will just show up and "directly" explain things to you like they would in a greek tragedy

the average video game is very obsessed with mimicking literary and film forms but i like to think of games as close to theater, with the player as an actor inhabiting a character and their scripted or unscripted actions causing the other actors to respond in kind

this isn't remotely a new idea, hell, super fucking mario brothers 3 has an obvious stage-play motif

@Manurweibling yeah the hedgecrossing stuff is quite explicit actually, your character is also able to communicate with earth-spirits who teach you to give blood to the earth so it will sprout healing herbs for you

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