men taking over programming after the discipline being mostly pioneered by women in the 40s-60s is a perfect example of an active ideological project that is later rendered invisible by its own success

40s: programming is lowly womens work

80s: the Male Brain is optimized for touching computer

@dankwraith even before that, “computer” used to be a job, not an object, and one done primarily by women

@dankwraith I wish men largely stayed out of CS. We'd probably be living in a cyber socialist utopia by now. At the very least, I wouldn't have had to quit my PhD and deal with reply guys telling me crypto is good actually.

@dankwraith In 1968, men took over by declaring a "software crisis" and renaming it from "coding" to "software engineering" (photo: NATO conference on software engineering). The sight of only men makes this a sad day indeed.

@saladmonster i didnt know about this, where can i read about it

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