@dankwraith splashing for your fixing is never a recipe for success, and icehide, while a decent card in the snow deck, is absolutely not worth the splash

morrite, especially with double ring, is

I think that with the snow lands you have avalance caller is still perfectly fine for snow synergy since it's still a 1/3 for 2 in the worst case

deathknell is going to do you more favors than masked vandal in that same sense, and depart is a perfectly fine cut for troll


@dankwraith master skald is also INCREDIBLY not worth playing, dread rider will suit you much better

also port is absurdly good in the UB deck since it's just value from a land

15 lands is also beyond sketch for this deck

so ultimately:

-2x masked vandal
-1x glittering frost
-1x icehide troll
-1x master skald
-1x karfell harbinger
-5x forest

+2x deathnell berserker
+1x depart the realm
+1x dread rider
+1x port
+2x island
+3x swamp
+1x snow covered plains


@bees thanks, i knew this deck was awkward somewhere and i couldn't quite identify where


@bees question: why snow covered plains


@dankwraith you have really good mana and the upside of having a snow land for berg strider and DOUBLE ICEBIND PILLAR and avalanche caller is absolutely worth it

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