hello me and some friends are making a GAME with my GAME ENGINE and you can give us MONEY

@dankwraith I've been trying to figure out what this game concept was reminding me of in its description and it finally just hit me that it seems like a cross between Doom and Ultima Underworld and that fucking slaps, holy shit I wanna play it

@swiff we are indeed very influenced by ultima underworld

@dankwraith It's one of those games that, once you play it, it's hard not to be

@dankwraith hi, for the slime princess reward, does the npc have to named after my real name, or do i get to pick a name?

@dankwraith okay, second question, if i back now at flaming skull can i later upgrade to slime princess?

@dankwraith first kickstarter i've ever backed lmao, hell yeah

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