it really is wild how people think they are just entitled to run a business. if you cant afford the costs of labor your business has objectively failed

there are a lot of structural reasons why the cost of living is so high right now, the massive contradiction at the heart of our society right now is that there are so many vultures picking at the working class that theres barely any meat left on the bones

between housing rent and insurance there is an incalculable amount of money flowing through the economy towards people who do literally fucking nothing

rent seeking behavior is exploding across all industries and in my opinion this is a sign of a fundamentally weak society and economy

@dankwraith insurance: because privatizing the concept of a safety net is the only idea we can come up with

@dankwraith hate to get my nut's slapped by the invisible hand of the market got into a fight with a prominent CEO in one of my circles because a major conference was selling access to talks but not paying presenters. He said it was expensive to run a conference, as if this was solely the problem of the festival runner who got all of these people to work for free.

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