it looks like whitelist-only federation is a pain in the ass by design so thanks for that garglegron

@dankwraith well at least you can make your own total free speech node for people to migrate to unlike twitter

@dankwraith yeah iirc he said whitelist mode would never be in master, and then he made one but it's for standalone usage and not for practical fedi usage

@foggy thats cool wouldnt want to impede the ability of pleroma nazis to harass anyone they want for 5 dollars

@dankwraith one of the pleroma devs actually made an issue on masto once that was "implement a block pleroma mode" because they were so frustrated with people talking shit about pleroma

@foggy @dankwraith oh noo pleeeaaasee don't implement the briar patch mode ur so sexy haha 😳

@dankwraith oh shit, sorry, I forgot to add the cherry on top here: pleroma has actually had whitelist federation for ages

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