i am so nervous about what the response to SG2 is gonna be but, eh what can you do. already steeling myself for the generic "its a widdle pixel game" bullshit


you have no idea how hard pixel style animators work until you see it in action. its so insanely labor intensive and abstract

@dankwraith i started a project with a friend of mine who's a really talented illustrator and she wanted to make like a 2d top down action game and i was like "ok champ go ahead" and then she started working on walk cycles and it was like instant :ohgod_ohfuck:

@prophet_goddess i literally could not draw my way out of a paper bag so this is sorcery to me

@dankwraith yeah the stuff i did for corpse reviver is about the limit of my 2d art ability. i am significantly better at 3d art but still can't animate for shit.

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