♟️ Monads Charity Chess Cup 2020 ♟️

An amateur chess tournament for fun and charity open to all experience levels!

All proceeds will be donated to the Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief Fund.

$10 minimum entrance fee
Register by December 5th to claim a spot!

Games will run through lichess. Sign up for the tournament here 👇

And send entrance donations here 👇

Please mention your lichess user name in the donation.

If you cannot afford the $10 minimum, please contact me and i will arrange for a generous benefactor to sponsor your entry.

Preliminary matches will run from Dec 6 - Dec 11. Top 8 Finals will be streamed live on Dec 13 on

Remember that everyone is welcome to join the Charity Chess Cup, please feel free to tell your friends and spread this off-fediverse if you want!

our first official Monads Charity Chess Cup 2020 entrant is @diogenes !! kazow!!

if you are hesitating to join the chess cup because you are afraid of getting knocked out instantly, i am setting up the prelim format so that everyone will play a fixed amount of games for points

i have decided that the winner of the Monads Chess Cup will win an actual trophy cup

@dankwraith Is there any way the graphics could be updated with the ko-fi and lichess links?

@rosetree this link should be publicly viewable without an account:

let me know if you need more info and i can hand out an email address

@rosetree we thought about putting those links but they were hard to follow, i did put the info in my twitch bio though

@dankwraith last year I did a dota 2 exhibition for people who have never played dota 2 before. I'm probably going to enter this chess cup and treat it like that, no prep just instinct

@dankwraith just curious, is there a prize (aside from clout), or is ALL money going to the relief fund?

@cadence all money goes to the fund, if you win you get the pride of victory and you can brag about it on your online dating profile

@dankwraith ok, that's what I thought, thanks for the info!

@cadence i changed my mind because i realized that trophies are actually not all that expensive, so the winner will receive a trophy

@dankwraith can you offer other stuff for people who may not have availability to play but want to participate in other ways? Like I could sponsor someone and pledge to pay x amount for every win and y amount if they lose?

@h_m_m oh that's a neat idea, what would you need on my end to facilitate that

@dankwraith well, I'd like to encourage people to make their commitments public, since that could help draw attention to the event

and then a link to a bracket chart of the standings. You wouldn't have to update every day as long as you were clear up front when the updates would happen

That's the bare minimum, I guess

@dankwraith I can look to see if there's also some free web app I can stand up that will help tally things. I'm happy to donate some hosting credits I've got if we go that route

@h_m_m i have a few domains and servers so i can set this up

@dankwraith and if this turns out to be easy to do, maybe we can also add pledges for random dumb stuff, like "pledge x for us to do thing b during the live stream"

@h_m_m yeah i have been brainstorming possibilities there

@dankwraith Maybe I'll just make a google form or some other formlike thing where people can sign up

and then when the tournament is over I'll go nag them to donate what they promised, and that'll be that?

@dankwraith totally bombed out in panic mode because of dumb stuff at work :(
I'll just make a donation the same way as the entry fee and wish ya'll luck

@dankwraith what's the format of things? like, time and things - I'm interested but don't want to sign up for something where it turns out I just can't schedule it

@gzt i'm thinking that if a manageable number of people sign up i will just send out each person's matchups and you will be responsible for scheduling the matches within that 5 day window

@dankwraith like what time control? or is that up to the players

@gzt i was thinking 30 minutes per side but i am open to pushback on this

@dankwraith 30 minutes good, i'll see if i can fit it into my schedule...

@dankwraith I don't enjoy chess but i'll totes sponsor someone who wants to play

@electret players will receive their matchups and arrange the times themselves

@dankwraith are the prelims going to be organized by the players themselves or do you have a certain schedule you'd like them to follow? asking because of timezones

@truckfreak if a manageable number of people join i will just send people their matchups and give them the 5 day window to arrange and complete them

@dankwraith fuck it I'm in. Give me a bit to get the donation in.

@dankwraith How does it work with time zones? I see the first round the players can arrange a time between themselves over the week, but what about the finals?

@robinjohnson finals will begin at 9AM PST, i understand this may be a problem for those in faraway time zones but there isnt much i can do about the flow of time

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