i love this scene because it intentionally thwarts the people who are obsessed with figuring shit out literally

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"what does it say that we cannot hear gendo when he intends to reveal the truth" is a much more interesting and relevant question than "what did gendo say"

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@dankwraith ritsuko never intended to listen to gendo, she was always prepared to hear whatever gendo had to tell her as a lie

@CyclopsCaveman i agree with that, and more generally with the fact that gendo is so inscrutable and duplicitous that it is impossible to read anything of truth into anything he says, even if he says it is the truth

@CyclopsCaveman gendo strikes me as a grown up shinji, one who never learned to honestly confront the pain of intimacy and loss but responded by relentlessly manipulating everyone around him

@dankwraith especially since he doesn't start instrumentality in force until after he loses yui

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