i saw an article that theorized that AI would start to replace programmers within a few years and i laughed for like 5 straight minutes

my phone: *starts playing pachelbel on spotify when i ask it for directions to taco bell*

me: clearly this machine is on the verge of being capable of programming itself to fuzzy and ever changing specifications

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to me this is pure managerial mindset because they dont realize that 90% of the job is interpreting the bullshit demands of managers

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what people think programming is: beep boop i do precise calculations using the power of brain science

what programming actually is: somebody asked me to do something stupid so now i have to think of the smartest way to do the stupid thing that wont get me fired

@dankwraith communicating this is what the comic strip dilbert did well, before scott adams became a moneyhaver and decided boots are delicious

@triz @dankwraith Working in a corporate environment for almost 2 years gave me a strange understanding of old Dilbert comics and I'm not sure how to feel about it tbh


tired: doing the dumb thing in the smartest way that won’t get you fired

wired: doing a smart thing in the dumbest possible way, and then copying and pasting that every time someone asks you to do a dumb thing

inspired: getting fired


The ironic thing is that even if programmers were replaced by robots, they would require precise instructions to do their job correctly, so there would have to be a "robot interpreter" job to translate manager demands into robot language.

And that's like... um... exactly what we're doing right now.

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