theodore adorno would have been a jokes are fascism guy for sure

it's insanely funny that adorno listened to jazz, an art form that was created entirely by Black americans, and was like "uhhh this is low art fascism!" while writing unlistenable twelve tone bullshit

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western culture is a fake idea but if there is one commonality it's that every time black artists invent a new musical form white artists and critics spend decades doing a moral panic about it

my black religious studies professor had a poster in his office that was made by the KKK in the 50s about how rock and roll was invented to corrupt white children and i remember thinking, damn, literally nothing has changed huh

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@dankwraith then in the 60s neo-nazis got in on it and suddenly rock was cool

@dankwraith I don't think I have to explain white boys love hiphop and its been demonized by conservatives for years

@dankwraith it's bizarre how the moral panics last far longer than the amount of time it generally takes white people to start ripping the genre off and making money off it.

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