Why did you come to the Zone? I decided to come here so I wouldn't have to show up in family court.

impromptu OC backstory about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, drugs 

@dankwraith the straight boy I was hopelessly gay for decided to become a free stalker during a manic episode, and I followed him hoping to protect him. he died, I stayed, and I shacked up with Freedom to drown my grief in pot and meaningless, secretive hookups with men who will be dead soon

@dankwraith I love making bread but not at some bullshit time like 5am. Here I can bake on my own terms.

@dankwraith I watched this a couple weeks ago. real good. definitely saw its I fluences on annihilation

@dankwraith did you ever read the novel that the movie that that game is based on is based on

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