STALKER twitter is my favorite game mechanic of 2020. it is a stroke of absolute genius


finding a rare valuable artifact and then posting about it so people can find you and steal it from you is absolutely 100% what people would do in real life.

roleplay-oriented games always feel cooler when you feel like you arent the only agent in the world. the genius of this game mechanic is that it gives you a window into the interiority of characters in the world in a way that isnt intrusive or overbearing

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its brilliant because its so simple. a stupid system where characters make posts when things happen feels 1000x more real than chris roberts talking about how every room in a star citizen spaceship is a different temperature for some fuck reason.

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the trap of being a sim game designer is that you can simulate complex systems until the cows come home but if the player cant be made aware of it in some easily accessible way, it may as well have never happened

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@dankwraith It's what Sid Meier's called "the computer is having fun, not the player".
Wow, it's super complex, it's also super meaningless.

@dankwraith dwarf fortress giving every fish individually named sperm, meanwhile I still have to install a third party programme and alt tab out of the game to access it if I want to find out why one of my dwarves just died

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