i read mint's blog post and i feel like an important lesson for us white people on here to learn is that going into a PoC's mentions to pedantically argue with them is really rude and you are probably going to end up being racist

before posting, have the self awareness to ask: am i being a dumbass honky?

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this is generally a pretty queer-driven place so i invite you to consider how you feel when someone jumps into your menchies to WELL ACTUALLY you about gender

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@dankwraith you may just be farmin some free-range truth there, pardner

@dankwraith I mean but what if it's Neil degrasse Tyson though and he needs to explain trans planetary Dynamics

@dankwraith What blog post is this? I'd like to read the original.

@dankwraith mastodon tried to stop me from reboosting this for a sec, what a jerk

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