imagine if the focus of treating mental illness was "how can we make you livable with yourself" rather than "how can you return to being a productive worker"

@dankwraith this is why I low key hate "mindfulness"

"Ok, so assuming a better world is impossible, what are you going to do differently?"

@unlofl @dankwraith I hate how capitalism just ripped it from its Buddhist context which always emphasized benevolence and compassion towards all living beings, moderation of consumption, and building the Golden Land here on Earth

@redjoker @dankwraith I'm not very familiar with its roots, how much does that original context acknowledge people making things worse? Is there much of a "adversity includes bad people who are wrong" slant in there?

How do you regard the people tearing down the Golden Land you're working to build?

@unlofl @dankwraith Historically there have been times when an abbot would call upon warrior monks to assassinate a wicked leader, as it would reduce the suffering of the people and also reduce how low the leader would fall in their rebirth (as they're unable to generate more bad karma if already dead)

@redjoker @dankwraith "Assassinate them for their own good" is pretty fucking metal.

@unlofl @dankwraith Now the Shaolin ideology is slightly more nuanced. Their primary weapon is a staff, so that you can first talk, and failing that, beat them senseless, and failing that, cripple them, and if they haven't learned from that, then killing is the only remaining option

@unlofl @dankwraith This so much, that's the issue I've had every time I try to get into mindfulness. I do feel like there are genuinely valuable tools there for helping me interact in healthier ways with myself, but I can't tolerate that mindset of complacency. Lately I've been starting to take a look at Radical Dharma, a book by queer Black Buddhist practitioners with an emphasis on the symbiosis between self-love and societal liberation; I'm not that far in yet but it looks a lot better than any of the other meditation stuff I've encountered.

@dankwraith i always think of this in regards to 'recovery' vs 'management' as well. like capitalism wants you to recover entirely and be productive and have no symptoms whereas a kinder system would let us manage our mental health and episodes without falling into the cycle of feeling like we are wasting our lives because we're not well or useful enough.

@dankwraith this was 100% why my work therapy did not go well. They kept asking for "updates" on my "progress", because they envisaged a system where through 12 sessions I would be completely cured

@dankwraith no lie my first appointment with a therapist last week ended with her telling me to go take a personality test on the department of labor website. like the test you take in high school that's like, oh your top suggested career is flower arranger

@triz @dankwraith sometimes I wonder if it can be bad as the reputation implies, but jesus christ it really is, god that's awful

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