libs online: what if this good thing is bad because it superficially resembles a bad thing

if you think that blocking landlords from entering courthouses resembles anti abortion protests, i invite you to look at the state of abortion access in the US as it currently exists compared to 30 years ago

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@dankwraith "everything happens in a perfect vacuum, actually"

@dankwraith video gaming is bad because the act of pressing the A button is *obviously* intended to simulate the act of pressing a nuclear launch button

if you play video games you are participating in nuclear warfare

tl,dr: Repro, violence 


It's the constant games libs have played with abortion my whole life (and their willingness to personally attack my character for no longer signing off in silence on their bullshit) which cemented the end of my commitment to non-violence. If I ever actually met that fuckstick who told me I have *~*menopause privilege*~* I'll kick her fucking teeth down her throat. (Tho' she wouldn't dare to say that to anyone's face, either. Libs are all smug fucking cowards.)

@dankwraith lol, wake me up when landlords need to wear bulletproof vests to work.

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