someone clued me into this blog post about architecting a geometry system in C++. this is probably the most wonderful example of overengineering i have ever seen

me: i would like to know the distance between two points

them: ok, what if we create a system that can calculate this number in any arbitrary dimension

me: i mean i'm just making a 2D game but ok fine i guess

them: alright, now what if you want to use a non-cartesian coordinate system? we'll just have to abstract the coordinate system type too

me, crying: i just want to make an arcade game dude

@dankwraith *forget it jake it's chinatown voice* forget it, dank, it's boost... town

@dankwraith genious brain man: "should we make the number of dimensions a bignum or would a signed float be a better choice to make sure we can represent all possibilities"

@technomancy @dankwraith as is usual when talking about C++, typeclasses would replace this problem with a much better problem

@technomancy @dankwraith better in what way? it doesn't matter what way, that's the beauty of it. someone else can concretize betterness

@dankwraith cw this shit man, I'm over here having flashbacks to my graphics algos class from college...

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