i think something a lot of you forget is that many if not most americans have no fucking clue what anarchism means as a political ideology and think its just like a deranged guy holding a molotov

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith Contrast "anarchy" or "anarchist" which mean "violent chaos" and "person who craves and creates violent chaos" respectively to most people.

@dankwraith it's almost as if the political propaganda we're immersed in deliberately conflates the two

@dankwraith was literally taught this in high school.

"Anarchy" does not have positive connotations for the majority of the US population.

@dankwraith anarchy is when I can throw bricks at things, the more bricks I can throw the more anarchy it is

@dankwraith its almost as if they view anarchism as the stereo-typed version the leninist movement broadcast in media after they successfully came to power with anarchists help

@Food @dankwraith I think it'd be pretty wrong to assert that leninists are the reason that anarchism has a bad name

@restioson @Food ah yes leninism, the other political ideology that americans know about

@restioson @dankwraith I dont think theres a beef going on though, to my knowledge

and even as I see the world and random chance / chaos is a valid way, also is the drive of ordered consensual moving

@dankwraith anarchy is bombing archduke ferdinand and nothing else

@dankwraith Similar to “barbarian” which was never a polite word for foreigner but is now completely derogatory.

@dankwraith evidence: "Fizzboomski the Anarchist," a ca. ~1920 American comic strip satirizing the Russian revolution

@dankwraith I worked with a guy who thought "anarcho-monarchy" would be a cool idea and by that he meant "just a really zany monarch who does random shit"

@Manurweibling @dankwraith that's an actual fringe ideology but they're like "I either was c.s. lewis style monarchy or total anarchy" lol

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