i think about once a week i see some game programmer show their ass by implying that abstraction wastes time. i honestly think this is why every video game takes 2+ years to make. creating a hierarchical mess where you cant touch anything without breaking half the game isn't abstraction, it's just bad code

*creates a tangled mess of invisible connections that is impossible for anyone to understand* why would abstraction do this

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literally 99% of video games can be described by 1) how things move around and 2) what happens when one thing touches another thing. it's honestly fucking embarrassing how little effort people put into abstracting these absolutely fucking basic ideas

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obviously i dont blame noobs for anything they do, you should see some of the garbage i wrote as a beginner, but when i see people with years of experience say things like "i dont refactor any more because its a waste of time!" i want to kool aid man style bust through their wall and light their computer on fire

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it's not done when it works for the first time, it's done when your coworker could look at the code and easily understand it

"but all code is hard to understand!" no, you're just bad at your profession

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i would never be harsh to a beginner or a hobbyist. but i am not really interested in coddling professionals. we have jobs to do. when you do your job badly it creates painful and irritating work for me

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every time i see some senior level make a twitter post like "dont bother abstracting your code! do as many redundant systems as you need!" i just like, see a ticker go up in my head of how many tens of thousands of extra hours of work have been added to the world

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every one of these dorks thinks they are the first brain genious to come up with the idea that being too lazy to do your job correctly, which means to think about how the overarching structures in your game fit together, is good actually

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@dankwraith Also that's why you document your shit (which will require you to do the abstractions anyway).

@dankwraith there's this whole slideshow released by dice on this, and this was at the time every glitch imaginable was happening in the fully released version of battlefield 3

@greatjoe there are a million examples of why this is a terrible idea but people will keep doing it because it means they dont have to use their brains to think about things

@dankwraith well, as we know they're children who think overworking themselves and hundreds of others is a good idea

@dankwraith Dabbler, but I appreciate this.

Remember reading a horror story where someone was charged with cleaning up a game prototype. The 3D map the original team built had a unique ID and no name for every single object, making it impossible to search for where the bugs were happening.

@dankwraith on that matter I love this talk... It's right on the spot of when you should start applying abstractions to your code.

@cevado "make smaller things and let them know as little about each other as possible" finally some actually good fucking advice

@dankwraith Sandi Metz is really awesome. It's worth the time watching all her talks. Just to highlight another one, there is this one I'd say it's about representativeness and inclusion in tech industry but it's not exactly like that:

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