its cool how we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on self driving car research when that level of funding and research commitment could massively improve public transit

@dankwraith self driving cars will improve wil improve public transit, as the cars will be able to prevent many accidents and help the drivers to keep moving the right way .

@dankwraith give evidence, pls.
If you want I have mine.

@akio_crow have you seen edouard siddon's argument for the efficiency of public transit

@dankwraith alright, now I understand how childish you are, have a good day

@akio_crow @dankwraith memes aside, te equivocas

el alcalde tiene razon sobre esto: while i do agree that self-driving vehicles will improve safety and that the technology is more viable than some here might think, it's only a sorry substitute for proper transport infrastructure

density is only the start of the problem, road infrastructure in and of itself is a huge waste of space and is overwhelmingly built by condemning low-income or marginalized neighborhoods etc.

i mean haha suck my train

@akio_crow @dankwraith yep, that's a major improvement but at the point of building tunnels and having a new dedicated fleet of automated vehicles you literally have just built a less efficient subway

like sure cool it's great

but it's just a worse version of the ideal thing that already exists

i love our technocratic overlords as much as the next filthy shill, trust me, and my last convo with dankwraith was actually me defending self-driving vehicles

but they are *not* the ideal

@syntacticsugarglider @dankwraith alright, lets say it isnt, now guve me a viable solution.

@akio_crow @dankwraith did you read what i said

s u b w a y s

the thing all the other rich-world countries that weren't designed around the automobile do

that works great for all of them

and even works super well in the few places in the US where we've given it a serious try

@syntacticsugarglider @dankwraith but what about the people that needs transport straight to their doorsteps ? Such as disabled people.

@akio_crow @dankwraith well, cars have tons of inherent accessibility issues but I don't want to distract from your question with another question

this is a legitimate point, but in a dense city environment that doesn't have artificially constrained housing supply (like in many us cities esp. in cali where i live) buildings are generally high-rise with shared garages

thus, transport is still needed to get to a vehicle

transit stations in a city with dense public transit are just as close

@akio_crow @dankwraith this isn't a *solution* to the accessibility problem, some sort of endpoint transit is necessary depending on the precise disability of the relevant individual

but the problem exists across both approaches


@dankwraith real question though why is it always accounts with little to no followers and no content? Do they just log in to musk at you or what

@caymanwent @dankwraith i've unironically heard a criticism of fedi where people whine about how hard it is to instantly make an account just to jump into someone's mentions so i wouldn't be surprised if it's exactly that

@caymanwent At least have the courtesy of being a skunk if you're gonna do that

@dankwraith I understand your view, however its a bit too extreme, cars are needed in society way more than u think.

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