decommodifying housing would fix so many problems its fucking wild to think about

the great irony of the "housing crisis" is that it is not a crisis in the supply of housing. there are plenty of houses and apartments, all the problems are caused by their use as financial instruments.


imagine explaining the housing crisis to someone who didnt live during capitalism

me: there are hundreds of thousands of people who sleep without shelter in cities every night

guy from 1000AD: that sounds bad. is there not enough construction material?

me: no theres actually a surplus of houses but a few people own most of them and refuse to rent or sell them at affordable prices for 99% of the population because they think the houses will be worth more money in a few years

guy from 1000AD:

the best part of this completely absurd crisis is that the most simple law of economics is that a commodity is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. all of this theoretical value in the real estate market is completely fake because there is no way most of these houses could actually be paid for at their asking prices. capitalism: the most rational economic system


me: no but thats okay because if those people didnt own all the houses no one would build more!

guy from 1000AD: *has his buddy who's thatching a roof throw a pike at me, killing me instantly*

@velexiraptor @dankwraith me: well actually back then the pike had not been invente- *the man instead murders me with a humble woodcutter's axe*

@bryceyoungquist @dankwraith im gonna hire a knight in full-plate to murder you with a preposterously named polearm

@dankwraith If your motivation is to fleece people for as much as you possibly can, it is.

@dankwraith damn, that really throws into stark relief how nonsensical "net worth" figures are. these houses are only hypothetically worth anything at all because they will not be sold or rented regardless. they could only become worth ANYTHING if they weren't owned by these assholes and therefore everybody's "worth" in retail is literally a shell game

guy from 1000AD: *steeples fingers* okay. listen. do you have any long sticks with a pointy thing on the end. halberds or pitchforks or whatever. do you have a lot of them.

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith 1000 AD dude: have you tried fire? on a stick, or whatever's convenient?
me: yes
me: well, not me personally
1000 AD: why not? does fire not work anymore
me: no
me: no it actually works pretty well, honestly
1000 AD:
1000 AD: so, why not use fire
me: uh

@byttyrs @dankwraith 1000 AD dude: is there like, a big army or something? are there a bunch of people with weapons guarding all the houses? like, way more than a mob could conceivably take?
me: i mean there's locks and stuff but no. maybe a a dude from the power company comes by every once in a while. but no i think pretty much most of the houses are just hanging out. being empty.
1000 AD dude:
1000 AD dude: ok im really failing to see what is the issue here

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith [hours later, sweaty and exhausted] okay so are you from someplace where the Christian Church was a big deal? and made sure as many people as possible believed some of the same things? well, we took the Church's name out of the equation, mostly because there's a bunch of new Christian churches that hate each other, but now we have mandated basic education that does the same thing, only it's "secular" and "objective." and anybody with good reasons to be suspicious of this dogma gets shuffled into prison intermittently for the rest of their life from within the schooling system. also, that is a LOT of people, holy shit, did we tell you about the prisons???

@byttyrs @dankwraith 1000 AD guy: ok new idea. is there like, a mountain or a forest or a swamp or some other really inaccessible area nearby that you can just kinda. set up shop in for a while until this whole mess collapses in on itself

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith ah! okay, this is a question with a good answer. no.


I mean. Kinda?

[longer pause]

It's really illegal and dangerous and difficult. like you will get harassed even worse by the pi— the cop— did y'all have knights yet?

@dankwraith me: but see, some intellectuals of our society are more focused on this other problem, and a bunch of them got together and wrote this letter, there's this thing called "cancel culture"

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