the problem with video games fetishizing the artistic legitimacy of film for the last 15 years is your medium where you can create visuals based on essentially anything in your imagination ends up mostly starring characters who look vaguely like brad pitt

@dankwraith instead of chasing "film" to show that they're art, they should have gone after painting and animation.

@parenthetical @dankwraith and theater and their own things based on systems and choice! There's so many games that are doing art and none of the ones I've played have gone anywhere near film

@dankwraith Ah yes, the two genders: hot guy beard and apocalypse guy beard

@dankwraith even if the sample size for "the artistic legitimacy of film" were the slightest bit larger than, say, the oeuvres of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, i'd still feel sad and angry but it would be better than what we have now. which i think is a primary cause of the Brad Pitt effect.

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