i'm not saying that i should be given millions of dollars to start a computer science program with a comprehensive holistic focus on philosophy, ethics, and systems design, but actually i am saying that.


sometimes the most ethical way to write a program is to not write it at all

the "apolitical" computer science education most people receive is just uncritically swallowing all the assumptions of neoliberalism hook line and sinker

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in my final year of college the dining hall workers were trying to get a union recognized by the school. i remember giving some computer science freshmen a long ass lecture when i heard them shit talking in the lab. i dont know if any of it mattered. private schools should be destroyed

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@dankwraith So programming is like jazz, then

It's about the programs you DON'T write

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith Unfortunately that just leaves the door open for corporations to write such programs—which is to say, smooth jazz

@dankwraith i support this than that crap that porpentine awful person is doing at nyu or wherever

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@wintgenstein @dankwraith wait what did porpentine do...

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@woomy @dankwraith you didn't read that screed in defense of abusers she got famous for?

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@wintgenstein @dankwraith no lol what the fuck

I haven't really kept up with her stuff in years, how recent was that? and tbh I'm not sure how much of her non-game stuff I read of hers back when

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@wintgenstein sorry, just read through the thing. I think I might've read it at the time, or maybe just parts of it, but also in 2015 I didn't really know shit

@dankwraith there was an ongoing debate in ohio during one of my years of college because people were trying to get collective bargaining rights taken away and i got into so many fights with idiots about how collective bargaining is COMMUNISM and we need to take it away

@dankwraith i can't imagine spending a downpayment on a house on a lukewarm education

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