someone on twitter said "want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding" and man do i agree.

the only reason these dev cycles are so grueling is because it makes more money for the executive suite. capitalism babey you love to see it

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@dankwraith same
my only point of contention is "worse graphics"
I want *stylized* graphics, but I wouldn't describe them as "worse", just "less realistic"

@toast @dankwraith I make a distinction between graphics and aesthetics. Graphics are the technical end: More polygons, textures, ray tracing, and all that. Aesthetics are the art style.

@dankwraith polished simplicity and “worse graphics” made with love (by ppl who are paid well) universally ages better anyway

@dankwraith We will never get there under capitalism. Hell, I am not even sure you can get there under any labor-centered model that still has money making as a central goal

@dankwraith @melissasage yeah I’m cool with that, couldn’t finish uncharted 2 but dusk was good as hell, to me

My problem with that is more simplistic isn't actualy worse. PaRappa the Rapper has outstanding graphics.

Definitely go for paying people more to work less though.

@floppyplopper @dankwraith vector graphics (including anything hand drawn) will never age badly if they looked pleasing to begin with. This is part of why the main thing that I'm interested in for higher definition media is animation

@dankwraith do you know how many actually useful websites and applications we would have on this model?? (the answer is, "enough" and then we would fucking stop)

@dankwraith I like it! But maybe also we support more gaming coops (and coops in general). that way the games are still great quality, but without the corporate overlords there is more money to go around to more people who have to slave less of their lives away.

@dankwraith I don't have much to add to this topic that you haven't already heard, but after reading your screen name, I wanted to make absolutely sure that you were aware that the Royal Spanish Academy has acknowledged the verb "cacapostear".

@JordiGH @dankwraith You know... I kinda need to do this in spanish...

De todas las posibilidades... De todas las formas... Teniendo tantos letrados de mierda, la RAE va y dice "cacaposteo"...

En vez de, no sé, como calco, hasta es mejor decir mierdaposteo o bostaposteo...

Pero, los iluminados de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua ni siquiera intentaron usar bostear.

@JordiGH @dankwraith crucial information, thank you.
I thought la Real Academia were as lame as l’Académie Française but it seems not.

@dankwraith I want libre games, where anyone who wants can contribute (models, sprites, stages, code, etc.) and playing is completely free.

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