i fucking fell out of my chair at this moment in dark souls 3. i dont think people really understand the effort that goes into composing a scene like this


i love that you can make out the ironwork details on the roof of that building to the right. if you just decimated the model to cut vertex count it would look like garbage so someone definitely retouched it beautifully so it could be rendered at that level of detail from that distance. i dont even want to know how long someone spent on that aurora shader. it draws your attention to the cathedral, which is lit from below, giving a sinister impression. fucking absurd attention to detail here

@dankwraith I honestly just lost my shit at how well they organised it all to get a view that looks like a painting, that you can immediately then just stroll into. The tech stuff was a whole extra layer of "oh, shit, they also had to..." on top of it, even just the "basic" artistry of composition, colour, etc. is already 🤯

@dankwraith oh jeez that isn't just like a cubemapped skybox or something? I've gotta play ds3 now

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