haha called it, Detroit PD just stated that their facial recognition software has a 96% false positive rate. all that shit about racial justice, nah, corps are phasing this tech out because it is straight up useless.

@dankwraith that's like? unbelievably bad i don't even understand how ? state-of-the-art is *way* better than that

@er1n my guess is that state of the art gets better results because they test under idealized and not real world conditions anyway

@dankwraith yeah that's my suspicion too just. that's a *horrible* FPR

@er1n @dankwraith it's classic "garbage in, garbage out". Even state of the art only has decent face recognition when the input is reasonably sharp and high enough resolution, and in real life situations even humans have a hard time IDing a person from DVR captures.

Also the capabilities of state of the art are pretty amazing but a bit overstated. I mean, half the time computers think I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin so...

@msh @er1n @dankwraith the idea that computers can do better than humans at recognizing faces from partial/fuzzy data is silly to begin with IMO

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