pol fascism ugh 

we could starve to death while saying food is evil, based on the logic that eating is painful.

all we'd need to start doing so is for the person kicking us in the teeth to tell us this

@dankwraith is there somewhere I can see the article for free?

Wild that people in some majority white countries will look at 97% mask-wearing as an example of confirmity. Then they'll go onto the street in their own country, see 97% not mask-wearing and think this is non-conformity.

@dankwraith Interesting to see that in a publication owned by the same piece of shit as Faux News.

But covid isn't real! And even if it was, it is just a cold! And healthy people like me don't get it anyways!

... or something like this ....

@dankwraith "Receiving nearly three million travelers a day from abroad"

Three million??? Someone at WSJ probably pulls numbers out of thin air.

@IngaLovinde @dankwraith That's a monthly figure, there may have been some confusion in the author's mind as many of these travellers from mainland China are workers who commute daily from Schenzen because of the insane housing prices in Hong Kong.

@jkb @dankwraith Yes, three million a month sounds more realistic. But also "half of them from mainland"? AFAIK international (non-mainland) travel in Hong Kong was essentially halted when pandemic started, with incoming arrivals decreasing by 99%.

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