i have to just laugh at anyone who still buys the idea that capitalism lets you easily break out of your economic class despite literal fucking mountains of evidence otherwise. maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass instead of pretending youre just asking questions online you could figure it out

the people sealioning you about this online are never actually rich either. its just sad. stop simping for a broken economic system

remember when China does anything bad its because of the EVILS OF COMMUNISM and when america does anything bad its because the people in charge are just misguided and need a little prodding from the voters!


the rhetorical trick being played here is that they want you to think that flaws in non capitalist systems are unavoidable and produced inherently by the system, but flaws in capitalist systems are merely bugs that could be fixed with the right people in charge and capitalism itself is unaccountable for these problems

every political economic system on earth is worthy of relentless critique but i rarely see the same effort put into critiquing the mind numbingly awful problems that surround us every day in the US by people who scapegoat China as the scariest country on earth. who made you an expert in the social problems of a country 2000 miles away. go outside in your own neighborhood!

if you went and asked people in the US what their main problems were, i would guess that overwhelmingly people would respond that they cant access fresh food, cant afford housing, cant afford medicine, cant afford education, and have job, housing, and education opportunities denied to them on the basis of race. i wonder what ties all these problems together ?

@dankwraith yeah, it’s kind odd. Hard to put my finger on it. Probably something to do with the job choices or market

@dankwraith *pulls at the collar of my extremely rumpled suit, i am visibly sweaty* b-b-but the free market,, *shuffles a bunch of papers i am holding with extremely low-quality jpegs of unlabeled graphs printed out on them, dropping several in the process* t-tax credit incentives

@dankwraith but we wouldn't have houses, medicine, farming, or the smartphone you're posting this from without capitalism! Checkmate, comrade!

@dankwraith i'd love to have two kids but having a second kid would probably cost me my career and the first kid's college education

@dankwraith 100%. And there's a robust system in place where criticism is met with cries of how unpatriotic you are until the Walmart parking lot that is the U.S. appears relevant again.

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