capitalists: without the profit motive, nobody would do anything

modding communities: i have ported rollback netcode into super smash brothers melee

@dankwraith diy community: yo here's how you build a multi room sound system with scrap parts and a raspberry pi

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, capitalism, capitalist arguments 

@dankwraith Maybe what's /really/ going on is /without the profit motive, none of the the selfish, greedy, I've-got-mine-so-screw-you assholes who run the planet would do anything/

And maybe that would be perfectly fine, if we restructured things in such a way that they don't get excessively rich and all the normal creatures who have empathy and altriusm can live without depending on them

@dankwraith Watch for Rolling Rocks in One Half A Presses is a greater technical achievement than the SpaceX reusable booster landing


Seriously, this is a Super Mario 64 speedruning video with the same energy as someone calculating a long-range hyperspace jump

IP holders: oh thanks, I'm going to sue you and rework your work unto smash 6

@dankwraith And Nintendo can't seem to get the netcode for Ultimate functional.

@dankwraith OpenStreetMap community: I mapped a stadium parking lot to algorithmically optimize the post-game bugout from anywhere in the lot. And this weird neighborhood I got lost in and drove three laps trying to find my way back out.

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